If your home is your castle then the air inside your home should be just as fresh and clean as that of any other richly enjoyed abode. Using the right furnace filter is important in keeping the air you breathe at its cleanest level possible. When you think of replacement furnace filters there is one name that comes to mind first, that being Honeywell. What makes their furnace filters above the rest?

Honeywell has always acknowledged the importance of keeping your homes air fresh and clean. They have been at the forefront of researching new and different ways to filter the air that brings you life. Quality construction is where they begin, a filter cannot do its job if it is not structurally built to handle the job. While others are less worried about the construction details, Honeywell questions everything they do to be sure that all filters will perform to satisfaction. There is no glue used in the making of these filters, keeping one less chemical out of the air, protecting your family to a higher degree.

The Edmonton furnace cleaners are pleated, thus allowing for twice the filtration as their competitors. They clean the dust and allergens from the air, preventing debris from being recycled back into your home, the filters are considered hypo-allergenic because of this. Pushing the filters above the competition Honeywell furnace filters also reduce or completely eliminate mold and mildew growth, as well as bacteria in the air.

There are standard sizes that can be bought and used to replace your current filter. Honeywell can also manufacture special order sizes. They offer larger than the standard 1″ filter thick filter with their 4″ version, this filter needing less replacement than the standard 1″, up to one year before needing replacement. These 4″ high efficiency furnace filters are significantly more effective at cleaning the air than standard 1″ versions. While it may seem intimidating to install such a large filter, they are extremely easy to work with and come in a variety of standard sizes.

Indoor air quality has decreased in recent years as our homes are becoming more efficient, there are fewer leaks, which is wonderful for your utility bills, however, not such good news for your lungs. Allergens, pet dander, mold, mildew and other microscopic particles that you cannot see become trapped with no way to be removed. Do not skimp on using high quality replacement furnace filters, your health and the health of your family is worth buying an extremely high quality brand like Honeywell.