8 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Necessity Of Duct Cleaning For Edmonton Homes

Why do we feel so strongly about the importance of air duct cleaning in California area? This question and other frequently asked questions regarding duct cleaning are answered below.

1. Why is it so crucial to have my air ducts cleaned?

Air ducts are filled with remnants of dust and dirt that build up over time within air ducts. Air ducts will become contaminated over time with up to three inches of debris. This build up of pollutants and allergens makes cleaning ducts very important. Industry standards recommend cleaning home air ducts at least one time every four years. The regular cleaning of ducts helps to maintain safe breathing air and will help eliminate breathing issues that may result from the contaminated air being released out of the home’s air ducts.

2. What Is The Cleaning Process For My Home Air Ducts?

A specially trained cleaner will come to your home with tools designed to properly clean ducts. A very powerful industrial vacuum will be used to quickly remove all the built up debris within the ducts. This powerful vacuum was devised to ensure that pollutants do not enter the home while the vacuum is being used. A specialized mold restriction device will be used if needed on the air conditioner and heating units for your home. This will help remove and prevent mold from growing in the air ducts.

3. What Qualifications Are Needed to Be An Air Duct Cleaner?

NADCA ( National Air Duct Cleaning Association) specifically trains people in the proper manner of duct cleaning and certifies individuals who have received and completed the training process. NADCA only certifies those companies and employees that have demonstrated a clear knowledge of the proper cleaning methods and those who follow industry standards..

4. I am concerned that you may damage my heater or air conditioner. Is that a possibility?

Absolutely not. The truth is that your heating and air systems will run more smoothly after they have been cleaned. The tools used to clean the systems and air ducts have been specifically designed to not harm any systems within your home.

5. I have a new house. Why is air duct cleaning necessary?

A new home will have debris built up from the construction build. Building a home is a dirty and dusty job and those contaminants will be in your ducts. Ensuring your family is breathing good quality air after a new home build is essential to the health of the home and your family.  See ourAir Duct Cleaning Company Blog

6. I have a lot of dust in my house. Will cleaning the air ducts help this problem?

Yes. A home’s air ducts are the manner in which air is circulated throughout the home. If they are dirty, the air that is being circulated is unclean. Removing the debris from the air ducts will eliminate the dust factor in your home.

7. I have a brand new furnace or air conditioner that is clean. Why do I need my ducts cleaned?

Your new units may be clean but there will still be debris from your previous units in the air ducts. New units are more efficient than old ones. This means that they are more likely to circulate the filth from your ducts than your previous units did. Cleaning air ducts when a new air or heating unit is purchased is vital for that reason.

8. I have allergies. Will cleaning my air ducts help?

There is no medical confirmation of this. Clean ducts mean less dust or dander being distributed throughout your home. Less dust and dander should equal a decrease in your allergy symptoms.

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