Qualified and Certified carpet and floor carpet cleaners in Newcastle

With 20 years of experience BJs Prestige Services proud to be the most trusted name for all kinds Wall and Floor Tiling Service in Sydney. Many customers started scratching their heads when it comes to selecting appropriate tiles for decorating the wall and floor of their houses. Which one to choose? Which one is better than another? What’s the difference? These things create a kind of illusion of fading away by selecting a low quality tile and repenting for the whole life in your dream house. So, you let the BJ’S Prestige to answer all your dilemmas.

We serve you with variety of pleasing tiles for adorning your house wall and floor. Although all the tiles may look like same but there are obviously some differences. We have the large collection of different categories decorating materials like marble tiling, travertine tiling, granite, sandstone, ceramic,glass mosaic, bathroom renovation and paving. As well as, we offer you with the services of residential/commercial cleaning and water proofing of building. There are some techniques which need to be considered while choosing the material.



Actually marble can not only be called as a stone, it is the transformed form of other stone specially limestone. It has been used from ages since the period of Kings in different parts of the world. Genuine marbles are really magnificent, they are beautiful and unique. Due to its versatility, it can be used in any part of the house. It is mostly used for constructing building, monument, sculptures, floor/roof paving and for all interior and exterior decoration. We have the collection of variety of fine marbles which are elegant enough to make your house a dream house.



Using natural stones in your home gives you its natural warmth and beauty. Travertine tile is worthy enough to use, as it has been used while constructing the entire Roman Empire. Travertine tiles add a real sense of grace to a home.



Granite and sandstone are the oldest natural products. They are considered as most durable and respected materials for building. They are suitable for kitchen, floor paving and wall cladding because it is scratch, stain and heat resistant.



We have high quality materials imported from foreign nations which are aesthetically pleasing for decorating your bathroom. Also we provide you with our expert mechanic team if you want to reconstruct your old rest room into a new one.



A concise definition for ceramic is hard to find as it the most adorable material for making fine pieces. They are useful for delineating things like plates, bricks, glass and toilets. It has the incomparable quality that tools made from ceramics can further be designed with paints. Glass Mosaic Mosaic glass can permeate a room with lavish luxury. The luminous tiles can elevate the style and make your bathrooms and floor more impressive. They are suitable for your personal home bathroom and floor because it might become costly for maintenance at high traffic areas.